Lactose content of a range of foods

In 100g of food Amount of lactose
Butter 0.6 g
Camambert 0.1-1.8 g
Cheese fondue 1.8 g
Condensed milk 7.5% 9.2 g
Condensed milk 10% 12.5 g
Cottage cheese 3.3 g
Cream for coffee 3.8 g
Cream quark 3.1 g
Desert cream 2.8-6.3 g
Double cream 2.5 g
Edam 45% 2.0 g
Emmenthal (Swiss style cheese) 0.1 g
Fresh cream 2.5 g
Frozen cream 6.7 g
Full cream (pasteurized or UHT) 3.1 g
Full fat milk 3.5% 4.8 g
Full fat milk powder 38.0 g
Goat’s milk 4.1 g
Half-cream pasteurized 3.3 g
Half-cream UHT 3.7 g
Ice cream 1.9 g
Kefir 3.5-6.0 g
Low fat milk 5.0 g
Low fat milk 5.0 g
Low fat milk powder 52.0 g
Margarine 0.0-1.0 g
Milk rice (1 portion) 18.0 g
Mozzarella 0.1-1.1 g
Parmesan 0.05-3.2 g
Quark 20% 2.7 g
Quark 40% 2.6 g
Raclette cheese 0.1 g
Ricotta 0.2-5.1 g
Roquefort 2.0 g
Sheep cheese 0.1 g
Sheep’s milk 4.8 g
Smallgoods 1.0-4.0 g
Sour cream 10% 3.3 g
Spaghetti carbonara (1 portion) 7.0 g
Sweetened condensed milk 10.2 g
Sweetened condensed milk (light) 12.8 g
Tilsit cheese 45% 2.0 g
Whipped cream 30% 3.3 g
Whipped cream 10% 4.05 g
Yoghourt Ice cream 5.1-6.9 g
Yoghourt milk based 1.5% 4.1 g
Yoghourt milk based 3.5% 4.0 g
Yoghourt natural 3.2 g

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